Static Milking Machine Testing

We thoroughly test to 6690 British/ISO Standard showing up any faults that will be causing milking machine mastitis and affecting cow health rather than just providing the test certificate for farm assurance purposes.

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You can have a state-of-the-art protocol for preventing mastitis but your prevention program will be less successful unless you follow through with procedures and value the importance of mastitis prevention....

Wash Cycle Test

Before any new milking machine is used, it should be thoroughly tested for both milking and cleaning performance
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Stray Voltage Test

Don’t let stray voltage shock your cows
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Mastitis Control

The implementation of control measures for mastitis
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Regular service and maintenance of your milking machine will help ensure that the speed and completeness of milking is maintained, and the risk of mastitis due to milking machine faults is minimised.

This means when you use our service, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your equipment has been tested and a certificate given to state that all tests have been carried out in accordance with current British Standards.

Healthy Cows

Mastitis is classified as mild, moderate or severe

Machine Costs

Regular milking machine testing could reduce your costs

Readucing work load and Stress

Taking the worry out of your cows

National Mastitis Council

Not for profit organization that promotes research and provides information to the dairy industry relative to udder health, milking management and milk quality ...

  • " A global organization for mastitis control and milk quality "


  • " Establishes guidelines for mastitis control methods "


  • " Monitors changes in technology relating to udder health and milk quality "